Energy And Environment

UK Engineering Recruitment Ltd core personnel, working together with our clients, are actively involved in maintenance / decommissioning activities on Nuclear & Non-Nuclear Power Stations throughout the UK.

As a modern, professional company, we take a forward thinking approach dedicated to the ongoing requirement for maintenance of the Energy Industry.

We recognise the wider interests in protecting our environment, the climate challenges we face and the concerning requirements to meet the countries energy needs, we understand the importance of protecting the environment in which we operate and are fully committed to minimising the impact that running our business has on the environment, we encourage our clients, suppliers and other stakeholders to do the same.

The Company is aware that our business activities result in:

  • Energy use
  • Raw material use
  • Waste generation
  • Emissions to air/water
  • Water use
  • Transport

We will comply with all relevant legislative, regulatory and other environmental requirements in order to act in a socially responsible manner and we will strive to continuously improve our environmental performance.

Working alongside all of our clients to maximise safety in the Energy industry and protection of our environment.